Petter Brækken, dr. Ing,  now ex associate professor at former  Sør-Trøndelag University College (now merged with NTNU)

My learning webs
(designed for my teaching activities 1995-2005)

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Hobbies and more
   Young experimenter  (English and Norwegian)
   Designing with radio tubes  (Norwegian only)    My old computers
   Loudspeaker enclosures (Norwegian only)    Physics for military pilots (Norwegian only)    Amateur radio
   Electronics 2   (Norwegian only) Wireless data networks (WLAN) (taken down)    My old Radios
   Electronics lab 2 (Norwegian only) Build a 20dB antenna for 2.4 GHz band (taken down)    
   Laboratory evaluation (Norwegian only) Choosing optional subjects (Norwegian)
   EMC   Choosing specialisation (Norwegian)       Trondhjem Polytechnic Assoc. TPF (N)
   IT for medical personnel (Norwegian only) Frontpage 2000 for teachers  (Norwegian)    Trøndelag Radio Historic Assoc., TRHF (N)
   Pensjonistforeningen for HiSTansatte  (N)
   What is WAP?   
   School pictures
   HiST museum

Still working on these pages, from time to time
last update 16.12.2017