My old computers

Here I expect to present some info about my early experience with computers, UNIVAC 1107, PDP8, ABC80 and others.

  Short summary:

1965/66 I  wrote my first computer programs for UNIVAC 1107, in the high level programming language ALGOL.

1967/68 I learnt  programming in machine code and assembly on a PDP8 minicomputer. 

1979     A colleague, Gunnar Slungaard, and I used computer corrected multiple choice exams at Oslo Engineering College, with the students preparing direct input to the mainframe computer by filling in pencil-marked computer cards.

1979     I acquired my first personal computer, a Z80-based Swedish ABC80.
I only got the keyboard and computer box and had to build my own power supplies, display interface (using a small TV as display) and interface circuits to use an audio cassette recorder for mass storage.  I also installed decoding and DRAMs to double the computers RAM from 16 to 32 kB! Later I added two 70 kB floppydisc stations as program storage. A simple program editor was modified to act as text editor. An electric typewriter with a typewheel was modified to work as a printer. It printed out very pretty letters and compendiums.
This computer was used very extensively until I got access to the first IBM XT's from 1986.